Supply and Distribution

The total supply of HyperHash AI tokens (HyperAI) is capped at 10,000,000 tokens. These tokens are distributed in the following manner:

  • Initial Liquidity: 90% of the total token supply is allocated for initial liquidity, ensuring sufficient liquidity for trading and transactions within the ecosystem.

  • Staking Pool: 5% of the total token supply is allocated for rewards, incentivizing network participation and rewarding users for their contributions to the ecosystem.

  • CEX Reserve: 4% of the tokens, totaling 400,000, are reserved for Centralized Exchanges. This allocation facilitates the listing and trading of HyperAI on major exchanges, increasing accessibility and fostering wider adoption. It also supports promotional activities and strategic exchange partnerships to boost the token's visibility.

  • Partnerships Reserve: The final 1%, or 100,000 tokens, is allocated to the Partnerships Reserve. This reserve is key for forging and strengthening partnerships with other blockchain projects and technology providers. It supports collaborative development, mutual promotions, and partnership activities that drive technological advancements and expand the platform’s reach.

This strategic allocation of tokens is designed to maximize the platform’s effectiveness, market presence, and collaborative growth, ensuring a dynamic and sustainable ecosystem for HyperHash AI.

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